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We're so excited you're joining us for Summer Bowl for Kids' Sake! Please review the FAQs below, to get a better understanding. If you have a question, not listed on this page, you can reach us at 

Is there a fundraising deadline?

  • The short answer is no. However, to receive individual and team fundraising prizes, at your celebration, you must complete your fundraising by the date of your celebration. Our website will be up, through the end of August, so you are welcome to continue fundraising after your team's celebration. To qualify for the exclusive Rise rooftop party, in August, your team has until August 1st to raise $3,000.

What if my team doesn't reach the fundraising goal?

  • The team fundraising goal is $1,500, which is $250 per person, on a 6-person team. The easiest way to reach the $250 individual goal is to find 10 people to donate $25. 
  • Check out our Fundraising Toolkit, for some great templates and resources, or these helpful Fundraising Tips!

What if I have less than 6 people on my team?

  • We encourage teams to have 6 members, as that is the quickest way to reach your $1,500 team goal. However, you are more than welcome to participate if you have less than 6 people on your team. 

I am the Team Captain. What do I need to do?

  1. Form a 6-person team. Ask friends, family or coworkers to join your team.
  2. Customize and share your personal fundraising webpage.
  3. Fundraise for BBBS and hit your fundraising goal! By simply sending an email or text, posting to Facebook, or asking a few friends to support you, you can make a big difference! The more you raise, the more prizes you and your team become eligible for! Click here for fundraising help and tips. 
  4. Schedule your team's celebration.
  5. Have a great time!

I don't know how to use the Fundraiser Portal. Is there a how-to guide?

  • Yes! Click here to view the how-to guide, for the website.

How can I personalize my personal webpage?

  • Upon registering, a fundraising page will automatically be set up for you. If you are successfully logged in, you will see a "Welcome, [name]" message at the top of the page. Next to you it, you will see a Fundraising Toolbar. Click the "Your Page" icon to access your Fundraiser Portal. From here, you can update your photos and personalize the story on your personal fundraising webpage. 

How can I see who has donated to me and who has joined my team?

  • Enter your login credentials, at the top of the page. When you are successfully logged in, you will see a Fundraising Toolbar appear next to your name. Click the "Donations" icon to view all of your donations. Click the "Team Page" icon to access your team page. Then click on "Roster," to view your teammates.

When are the Bowl for Kids' Sake celebrations?

  • Bowl for Kids' Sake celebrations will take place July 10-26 at Park Lanes. There are 16 different bowling party sessions to choose from. Teams choose one date that works best for them.

How do I schedule my team's celebration?

  • We ask that all Team Captains find a date and time that works best for their team, before scheduling. Team Captains, click here to see our celebration schedule and to reserve your spot. 

Can friends and family make a donation to me by going to the main website?

  • Yes! On the homepage of the website, friends and family can locate you by clicking on the "Donate" button. By typing in your name, they will be directed to your personal fundraising webpage. They can also search for your name, at the very top of the homepage, by clicking on the search icon.

Can I make my donation anonymous?

  • Yes! When making your donation, you have control over your visibility preferences. You have the option to show your name publicly, show your name to the Team Captain only, or hide your name from everyone. You will also have the option to show the donation amount or display the amount to the Team Captains only.

Can donors give cash or checks?

  • Of course! You can add cash and checks to your personal fundraising webpage by logging in and clicking on "Donations" on your Fundraising Toolbar, at the top of the page. Select the "Add Offline Donation" tab. Please add as much donor information as possible. 
  • All checks should be made out to "BBBSKC" and include a note/memo that says, "Summer Bowl for Kids' Sake" and the participant's name, so we know who to attribute the donation to.  Cash and check donations can be mailed or delivered to our office at: BBBSKC, Attn: Summer Bowl for Kids' Sake, 1709 Walnut Street, Kansas City, MO 64108.

I need some quick ideas on how to fundraise. Any suggestions?

  • Check out these tips that are sure to help you exceed your fundraising goal!
  • Does your company have a matching gift program? Many companies will match an employee's contributions to a charity.  Search for your company using our matching gift search bar or ask your HR department to see if your company has a matching gift program and how you can participate. If you do, you could reach your goal even faster! You can enter matching gift amounts as offline donations on your webpage to keep track of your total in real time.

Where can I find information about the BBBSKC mission?

  • We have an amazing Fundraising Toolkit, just for you! In the toolkit you'll find email, text and social media templates, to help you fundraise, and helpful images, stats pages and videos about the mission of BBBSKC. You can also find helpful documents in the "Resources" section of your Fundraiser Portal. For more information on the mission of BBBSKC, go to

How do I access the Bowl for Kids' Sake mobile app?

  • The Bowl for Kids' Sake mobile app will need to be downloaded to your phone. Click here for instructions on how to download and use the mobile app.

Do I need to register a second time, inside the app?

  • No, you do not need to register twice. If you have already registered for Bowl for Kids' Sake, you can simply login with your credentials. If you have not registered yet, click "Register" to get signed up. 

How can the mobile app help me fundraise?

  • You can access all of the same fundraising features, in the mobile app, that you can through your Fundraiser Portal. You can increase your fundraising goal, track your fundraising progress, see donations and team members, and edit your fundraising page. You can also share your fundraising page via email, social media and text, or create a unique QR code to direct others to your fundraising page, or to join your team. Receive push notifications for incoming donations and milestones and track your recent activity on your feed.


How can my team qualify as a Super Team? Is there a deadline?

  • When you raise $3,000+ as a Summer Bowl for Kids' Sake team, you'll achieve Super Team status! Super Teams receive VIP treatment at their bowling party session, with a lane concierge to bring them drinks and snacks throughout the night. Super Teams are also invited to our exclusive Rise rooftop party, in August, and are entered into a drawing to win 6 suite tickets to a Chiefs game! Check out this video from Rise 2022.
  • To qualify for Super Team Status, your team has until August 1st to raise at least $3,000. 

I can't form a team. How else can I help?

  • You can still support BBBSKC and participate in Summer Bowl for Kids' Sake, even if you don't have a full team. When registering, you'll have the option to register as an individual fundraiser. You can help raise much-needed funds, to benefit BBBSKC, and help us reach our $750,000 Summer Bowl for Kids' Sake fundraising goal. You'll also qualify for the same individual prizes as all other participants!

Where does the money raised from Summer Bowl for Kids' Sake go?

  • 100% of the money raised through this event stays right here in our community. We depend on the money raised from Summer Bowl for Kids' Sake to carry out the work of carefully matching children with caring adult mentors and providing ongoing support to the child, volunteer mentor, and child's family. Check out our website to learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters.